Marin Pewter Resin Diffuser

Marin Pewter Resin Diffuser


Marin polyresin diffuser allows you to diffuse pure essential oils throughout your home, whilst incorporating the beauty of a modern marble-look light feature.

This design is multifunctional, allowing you the flexibility of diffusion or illumination in the form of a sophisticated piece of modern lighting. Ultrasonic diffusion releases the powerful benefits of aromatherapy whilst the warm white LED light adds a soft ambience to the room. Ultrasonic diffusion is the safest and purest way to maintain the therapeutic benefits of essential oils as no heat is applied to the oils in the diffusion process, reinforcing their potency.

The Marin diffuser will fill your home with fragrance whilst delivering all the benefits of pure essential oils for up to 10 hours (low mist setting). The mist chip does not require replacing, making Marin low maintenance and easy to use.

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    Remove the decorative outer cover, then lift the inner lid of the diffuser.

  • 02

    Fill with water to the max marker.

  • 03

    Sprinkle 8-10 drops of your preferred mihi home essential oil blend.

  • 04

    Replace the inner lid and decorative cover of the diffuser.

  • 05

    Turn the diffuser on.

  • 06

    Close your eyes and inhale deeply

My mihi ritual

Ignite your creativity with our Illuminate essential oil. A vivacious citrus blend that encourages an inquisitive mind to explore playful thoughts.

essential oils
woman in her dinner room, drinking something

Place Marin in your living room or bedroom, then opt for a soft light setting. Close your eyes, diffuse the fruity aromas, and allow your imagination to run wild. This is your time to plan your next adventure.

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Marin Pewter Resin Diffuser

A note from our head designer

Each piece created by mihi home is carefully crafted or curated to bring a sense of wellness, lightness and calm. We aim to invoke the senses and invite escapism. We design for you.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sarah B
Marin Pewter Resin Diffuser

Beautiful and functional piece. I love everything about this diffuser, from the packaging to the ease of functionality. I use it every day.

Chad MacKenzie
Marin Pewter Resin Diffuser - Beautiful diffuser

Love my new Marin Pewter Resin Diffuser. Looks fantastic in my home and I love the aroma throw.