A thoughtful tablescape

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A thoughtful tablescape

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    NOV 9, 2021

A thoughtful tablescape

You’ve probably created a tablescape before, perhaps without even realising; it is the term used to describe dressing the table. Carefully curated or wild and wacky, tablescapes are here to stay this season.

To create your own, think of a theme and run with it. Minimalistic with neutrals, or colours galore? Inspired by Sicilian wineries, or a Moroccan getaway? Have a scroll through Instagram or pinterest if you’re stuck, there’s plenty of inspiration out there!

Once you’re settled on a theme, look to flesh it out by supporting small businesses or visiting your local op shop - let the creative juices flow. We recommend looking to Melbourne home cook Jessica Nguyen, small business Pasta Club or dining ware extraordinaires In The Roundhouse for plenty of inspiration on how to design your own fun and playful tablescape. 

Think of the ambience, and the mood you want to portray. Play around with lighting, scents and how it will all blend with your food and drinks.


Say bye to Hygge, and hi to Japandi

Japandi combines the aesthetic of both Japanese and Scandinavian design, creating a fusion of functionality and minimalism. It is the ideal design trend, aesthetically pleasing yet highly functional.

Bringing the best of Scandinavian Hygge philosophy and Japanese wabi sabi into your home is as easy as transitioning to a focus on clean lines and open spaces. Finding it hard to declutter? Keep an eye out for low-profile storage solutions to have the best of both worlds!

With natural materials and an eco ethos underpinning the Japandi style, look for quality wood products and other sustainable pieces. Support local businesses and artesans – working with a maker is a sure fire way to get exactly what you’re after!

Be sure to consider how to add to the atmosphere with subtle accents like understated decorations and fragrances. Think about how to elevate the homeliness and eco ethos.

Modern industrial

Industrial design is the one interior design trend that just doesn’t seem to go away, grinding away year on year with a new lease on life. The latest iteration blends traditional industrial sensibilities with the refinement of modern and contemporary design.

To put your own spin on modern industrial, look to dark and moody tones to set the scene. Embrace the shift away from raw and unfinished fittings and focus on the quality of the timbers and metals you incorporate into your spaces.

Modern industrial is all about showing that we don’t need to sacrifice premium quality to have premium looks. Be sure to introduce light to your spaces to show off the investment in quality fittings.

Don’t forget that accessories are key once again! Choose colourful pieces that contrast with the interior to make a real statement, or opt for tones that match the overall decor to keep your touch more refined.

Welcome to cottagecore

Chintzy, comfortable and cute – cottagecore is back in a big way. Inspired by the young minds that began to romanticise agricultural life early this decade, cottagecore is making the step across to the mainstream with a new crowd of fans who yearn to escape from their locked down neighbourhoods to farms across the country.

Cottagecore is all about bringing a bit of nature into the home. For the perfect cottagecore aesthetic, look to blend 21st century comforts with sustainable materials and environmentally inspired patterns.

Country life is the main inspiration, so be on the lookout for anything to complement your decor. Fresh flowers are an absolute must – take a trip to your local florist and stock up! It might not be decor, but a delicious pie is always a welcome addition to any table.

Don’t be afraid to find a niche within cottagecore to settle within. It’s important to know the kind of atmosphere you want your home to convey before you go about kitting it out.


There’s nothing quite as soft, warm and inviting as a space complemented by a beautiful array of pastels. Carefully curated or eclectically assembled, pastels are a surefire way to lighten up your house.

Bringing pastels to life in your home is fairly simple – pick a theme and run with it. Subdued and neutral or bright and sunny? Specifically complementary styles and accents or an explosion of colour? 

Look to add some contrast by incorporating curved edges as well as straight lines. Don’t be afraid to put your own spin on things if you can’t find the perfect, ready-made item for you. Sarah Eartmann is one of our favourite upcyclers in the pastel design space.

Think about the story you want your home to tell. Have a play around with different combinations and lighting options. There’s more than one way to skin a pastel.

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