The questions to ask when styling your home

Mihi Home Founder Julia Utz provides her top three questions to ask yourself when styling your home

The questions to ask when styling your home

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    SEP 23, 2021

Mihi Home Founder Julia Utz provides her top three questions to ask yourself when styling your home

Styling your home is an exciting project. Whether a major transformation is needed, or you’re simply looking to reinvigorate a space with a few new pieces of decor, there’s a handful of key questions you should thoughtfully consider before jumping into styling your space.

The best place to start is to take an online quiz to get a better idea of what your preferred style is, although this may be a mix of anything from Scandinavian, mid-century modern to minimalist. Based on the results and your overall satisfaction with these, carefully curate your needs and wants, considering functionality, longevity of the aesthetic and how your styling will make you feel. To make your home styling journey more enjoyable and simple, these are the top three questions you should consider when styling your home.

How can I best use this space to meet my needs?

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Every person is different and with that comes distinct needs, habits and space requirements. From your furniture, your decor, colour palate, to any empty space you keep, each room in your home should align with your lifestyle needs. This means ensuring your space is functional. Question what you will be using the space for and how much space you need for certain activities. Save space for any non-essentials like a space to curl up with a book, or a sunny place to do a morning workout if that is something you love to do. 

Like with choosing furniture to fit your room, styling with smaller items should reflect your functional needs. Do you require a calming space to combat your busy life? Choose a few key statement pieces of decor, muted colours and soft textures. Do you enjoy hosting and like a sense of colour and energy? Consider pops of colour throughout your room and focus your energy on styling a dinner table and communal area. There’s no point creating an area for dinner parties if you prefer your alone time and vice versa, a simple, calming aesthetic when you always crave the energy of a party with friends.

Will I love this next month or am I simply following a trend?

Trends are important - they provide new sources of inspiration, help guide you to create aesthetic spaces and liven up old surroundings. However, sometimes it’s easy to get swept up by what’s “on trend”, forgetting both what you like within and what will age well. 

It’s important to really sit and think about items you consider purchasing. Can you imagine this in your home in a few months or next year? 

While decor is easy to switch around, it’s important to invest in a few key pieces of decor, or even furniture and colour palettes that you can envisage enjoying next season and beyond. We’ve created Mihi Home products with a focus on striking the balance between on-trend design and a timeless, classic aesthetic. Focusing on achieving this balance with other pieces of decor is key to styling a room that you will truly love for years to come.

How do I want this space to make me feel?

At the end of the day, you can see trends and enjoy them but they might not make you feel the way you desire. Some individuals thrive off high-energy colour or ‘organised chaos’; this can even look good when styled well. Others thrive off minimalist environments that infuse a sense of calm into life. Seek colours, shapes and textures that make you feel good when you look at and touch them. If something doesn’t ignite a sense of joy and contentment when you look at it, it’s probably not going to be right for you.

Most of your time is spent indoors, now more than ever. Cultivate a truly wonderful space by being honest about your likes and dislikes and your must-haves and have-nots. Consider styling with extra thoughtfulness and implement pieces that make you feel good within. 

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Julia Utz is the Founder of Mihi Home and the eye behind Mihi Home designs. With a focus on premium, distinct design and quality craftsmanship, Julia created Mihi Home with the aim to provide Australians with inspiration to style their home with beautiful home fragrance and decor, inspiring greater self-care and positivity.

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