How to find your own aesthetic and create it at home

by Samantha Wills

How to find your own aesthetic and create it at home

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    SEP 3, 2021

Never more so than now have we spent so much time in our homes. 

Curating these spaces to be our own personal sanctuaries can have such positive impacts on our day to day life, work, creativity, and even our mental health. 

No matter the canvas we have to work with, there are always things we can do to make our spaces reflective of our own personal aesthetic. 

Below I share with you some of the tips and tricks I use to curate my aesthetic in an interior space. 

Make it yours. Your home should embody your personality, it should be a space that feels safe and inviting. In the day and age of content overload, it can be very easy to see the latest trend all over our Instagram feed, but the thing with big trends (especially with interiors) is that they are forever anchored to a certain time, so it’s important if we are incorporating a trend, we have to put our own spin on it, not only for individuality but for longevity. 

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Create a mood board. As obvious as it seems, creating a mood board is one of the most powerful tools you have when looking to curate a space. It helps keep you focused and allows us to see the bigger pictures when selected items and styling. There are so many brilliant interiors blogs and digital magazines, this is a really fun part of the process. Find yourself an interior muse and study their work and spaces.  

Look at your furniture to provide you both functionality and flair. Both your home layout and your choice of furniture should reflect the needs of your home and lifestyle. If your office needs to provide the functionality of both a workspace and a spare room, consider this in your style choices. While the highlight reel shows us a snapshot of people’s ‘perfect’ interiors, our homes are not showrooms, and when styling our space, we need to consider this. With each piece of furniture or decor, think of intention, and apply it to your reality. If you have younger ones, you may need to consider the safety of an item. Will this break in small hands? Are the corners too sharp? Whereas those living in a small space may need to consider the overall size factor. Does this provide the storage I need? Is this creating clutter rather than function?

mihi home Samantha Wills

Bit by bit. I find it much more helpful to add pieces bit by bit, rather than trying to complete a space in a weekend! Consciously curating, adding pieces slowly allows us to create the space fluidly and also allows us to make changes as we go, what we thought might have looked good in our mind and online might not work in the space once it arrives or it may spark a new approach or idea we hadn’t yet thought of. 

Take notice of light. One of the least talked about elements of interiors spaces is the lighting. Daytime and natural light aside, it is evening light where we can really create warmth and ambience. I avoid using general overhead and downlighting and opt more for lamps to really soften a space. I love the Amari diffuser because of the ambience it provides in lighting (both day and night).

mihi home Samantha Wills

Simple changes. In interiors, the most simple changes can create a big impact. Shuffle furniture to bring new life to the space. Move art around or re-style shelves. Look at your spaces through a new lens, it feels fresh and you can feel the energy in the space shift. Could a sunroom be a home office? A bedroom for someone who loves waking to the sun? Whether it’s a new piece of art, a splash of paint, or the rearrangement of a rug, get creative, and work with what you have to give new life to your home.

My favorite thing about style is its subjectivity. We are all unique, and our spaces should reflect this.

Design your home to tell the story of you.

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