An Irresistible Invitation: how to create a fuss-free dinner party

Nothing nourishes the soul quite like an intimate gathering. Shared stories and memories over shared plates of food has, and will always, tickle the senses. 

An Irresistible Invitation: how to create a fuss-free dinner party

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    MAY 10, 2022

Nothing nourishes the soul quite like an intimate gathering between family and friends. Shared stories and memories over shared plates of food has, and will always, tickle the senses. After a few years of isolation, it is time to celebrate and congregate once more in joyful company. 

At Mihi Home, we believe in keeping things beautiful and inviting. This can be easier than it sounds, with a few clever choices of beautiful décor, ambient lighting, tantalising dishes and drinks and killer music to boot. Follow our advice to hosting a fuss-free dinner party with low stress and high expectations.  

 Table Scape - mihi home

The Day Before | Work smart, not hard

Plan what you can in advance; don’t forget this evening is for you to enjoy also. If you are flustered on the night, it will show. We believe in making a list so that there are no nasty surprises on the day and no need for last minute shopping. Little things prepped in advance can dramatically ease stress on the day.

  • Think drinks; ensure there’s ample ice for any cocktails, pre slice lemons, limes, and citrus for garnishes on the go, ensure your bubbles are chilled well in advance.
  • Clean in advance. A quick tidy on the day is all you’ll need to ensure all surfaces are sparkling.
  • Chop, slice and dice. Prepare food elements in advance, whether it be an overnight marinade, pre-slicing ingredients, layering a lasagna; pick dishes that will tantalize tastebuds but don’t require too much last-minute work. Cheese boards can be laid out in advance and kept in the fridge ready for the early arrivals.


On The Day | Be Game, Set, Mix and Match

Slay the day with a divine table setting. Working as a canvas for food, drinks and décor, your table setting is something that can easily be laid out in advance. Seeing your setting come to life really creates a buzz and helps to set the vision for your event. When choosing a table setting, we recommend pushing the boat out. Don’t be afraid to really play into the theme or aesthetic of the event through textures and colour. Stick to classic white for a sophisticated palette, allowing your décor to shine; decorate with natural fibres such as terracotta and nude hued linen to instil a farm-to-table vibe, or opt for maximum wattage in a colourful bonanza of contrasting colours like pink and red or yellow and lavender for a fun, youthful picnic vibe.

White china and porcelain will allow food to really pop off the plate, while purposely mismatched plates and patterns will bring a bohemian feel to your setting. For beverages, hand-cut crystal adds a luxurious flourish, lightly tinted coupes add a touch of femininity while weighty tumblers bring a mid-century modern appeal, beckoning to be paired with a perfectly mixed Old Fashioned.

Setting the table in advance eases preparation, helps set the scene, and allows you to gauge how much space remains to play with props, décor, candles and bountiful bouquets. Keep it fun and playful, remember there is no right or wrong when it comes to setting a table, it is a blank canvas waiting for your magical artistry.


Pinterest Table Scape  

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Turn down the lights

From bright white to soft shadows, selecting your lighting scheme is a game of balance. Key to the senses, lighting along with music is the ultimate mood maker. Low lighting in soft tones is a recipe for success for a seductive and intimate mood – and flattering to all!

For an outdoor event, the soft twinkle of fairy lights accompanied by candles adds a soft glow and intimacy to your dinner, allowing the night-time sky to sparkle. If you are gathering indoors, we recommend dim, soft lighting paired with some purposely chosen candles to add an element of romance. Our eyes are so attuned to bright lights and screens, it is a treat to eliminate harsh lighting for a night and replace it with a gentle glow.

The perks? Simply adding ambience with oil burners, candles and diffusers creates the impression you’ve also purposefully added elegant decor pieces for a stunning, well thought out dinner party statement.

Here are our top tips for maximum impact at your next dinner party:

  1. Place two to three statement candles along the centre of your table and light when dining for a warm, enticing vibe. For an upbeat dinner party, the playful scent of a Japanese Lilac and Sandalwood 2-Wick Candle will ignite memorable moments and enliven conversation. For a more relaxing dinner vibe, Sweet Carnation & Heliotrope will ignite soulful moments, while eliciting relaxation.
  2. Light the Emerson Black Marble Oil Burner front and centre on your nearby living room coffee table, mantlepiece or console table for beautiful, understated essential oil scents that will linger throughout the home. We recommend our Play Essential Oil Trio to keep the night young and the mood high.
  3. Place small tealights around the home to ensure your home feels cosy and inviting for guests. Carrying ambient light throughout the home will ensure an ultimate evening of joyful celebration, stimulating conversation and togetherness.
  4. Pair our Scented Taper Duos with Emory Taper Holders along a long, rectangular dining table for modern opulence and impactful height.


Mihi Product on Shelving


Celebrate seasonality with fine flavours

Ambient lighting and a beautiful tablescape may be the subtle secret to a visually stunning dinner party, but seasonal produce prepared with care will secure the success of your event.

 We recommend keeping your dinner party menu short and sweet. A Pinterest-worthy cheeseboard with a curated selection of soft and hard cheese, charcuterie, dried fruits, nuts, honey and lavosh delivers a fuss-free start to the meal. Small, nibble sized bites that pair well with all drink choices ensures ample time to mingle and graze as guests arrive and can be prepared in advance.

Following on, a gorgeous main meal and classic dessert combination – think homemade ravioli with pumpkin, sage and burnt butter, finished with an autumnal apple and hazelnut galette will wow all. Simple sides of olives, shoestring fries and baskets of warm sourdough and ramekins of cultured butter will set tastebuds alight in a frenzy of salty goodness, the perfect snacks to encourage liquid libations.

For an interactive element, swap out a plated dessert for a gelato station laden with premium gelato, toppings and sauces. Your guests will love the nostalgia of it all.

Our top tips when it comes to food is to always over cater and ensure all dietary requirements have been accounted for.

 Mihi Candle on Table

Bottoms up!

Add a touch of flair with a bespoke cocktail or two. Show your creativity in the cocktail department with a cheekily named drink that is as delicious to drink as it is to admire. Creating your own cocktail will be a memorable touch to the night, garnished with edible flowers or candied citrus peel.

Mix flavours, have some fun, even pick ingredients that remind you of your friends. Is your friend youthful and the life of any event? Try a citrusy limoncello with elderflower and gin. An elegant person? Spice up a classic Martini.

If you’re feeling particularly daring, design a cocktail based on your chosen candle or essential oil scent for the ultimate well-paired event, or if you want to keep it super simple, take a classic 3-ingredient cocktail such as a Negroni and rename it based on your friends’ personalities. Naughty or Nice?

Soothing Scents and Sparkling Sounds

Strike a chord with a stellar soundtrack designed to delight the senses. Like food or fragrance, a playlist of hits has the ability to shift moods and set the ambience for your dinner party. A good way to think about the night’s music is as a backing track for the night. As the evening ebbs and flows, so should your music choices. A versatile playlist is one that excites and surprises. Nostalgic tunes that your guests will know and love spark silliness, while a few hidden gems will keep things exciting. Ensure that the music doesn’t overpower conversation while guests dine; come dessert, it’s time to turn up the volume.  

If there’s a theme to your dinner, music can help cement this, alternatively, for a more gentle playlist that pairs perfectly with dinner, check out the Mihi Home Spotify playlist here.

The Last Dance

Most important of all, take the time to relish in the company you have invited – the true heart of your dinner party. The dirty dishes can wait, now is the time to sip some wine and cheers to friends, family, and let’s face it, cheers to you too!

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