Which Winter Personality Are You?

Winter is a time to reflect, to hold onto energy and restore our bodies as we move less and rug up. While it may be cold out, there is much to celebrate - it’s all about being attuned to your winter vibe and matching your routine to you.

Take this quiz to learn more about your winter personality.


Which Winter Personality Are You?

  • DATE

    JUN 23, 2022


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1. You wake up on a blustery, cold weekend morning. While you have all the time in the world to venture to your local cafe, it’s only a hot drink you’re ready to get out of bed for at first. What would be your drink of choice to get you out of bed? 

A. Hot Chocolate
B. A coffee
C. Green tea or matcha

D. Chai Latte

2. It’s your day off. Which of these options best describes where you’d most likely be found on a cold day?

A. Staying inside curled up under a warm blanket
B. Going to the local coffee shop to read a book or sit at your computer - anything to be where it’s warm and cosy
C. Going for a run or just get outside - exercise keeps you warm after all

D. Getting a head start on your winter shopping

3. Winter cravings are beckoning. It’s freezing and you’re in dire need of something to warm your body and soul. Which comfort food would you choose to devour?

A. A decadently creamy roast pumpkin soup - although it leans healthier, it’s sure to warm you up
B. A warming risotto with mushrooms, herbs and cream - maybe a bit of truffle oil if you’re up to it
C. A wintery beef and vegetable stew - with potatoes of course
D. Something sweet - whether a pudding, crumble or pie, winter desserts are your calling


4. You wake up and take a look out your window. You notice the sky is grey. How do you feel?

A. Lazy and unmotivated - take me back to bed!
B. Creative and inspired - it’s the perfect weather for hot chocolate, reading a book and cosy vibes
C. Excited to get out and do things - there’s so many things you can do in winter that you can’t do in summer!
D. Unbothered, as the cold will pass - the seasons change, I barely even notice


5. You go to grab a layer to keep you warm as you venture outside. What sort of coat do you reach for?

A. Something long and thick - as long as it’s warm, who cares what it looks like?
B. Anything vintage, maybe with a checkered pattern
C. Puffer jackets - you like the casual street style
D. Trench coat - classic and elegant just like what you’d picture in New York City


6. In winter I’m spending my money on:

A. Cosy socks and pyjamas
B. Tea
C. Warm workout gear
D. I’m not spending money… I’m saving


7. If you were to describe yourself with only one of these words, which word would best suit you?

A. Introvert
B. Old Soul
C. Thrill Seeker
D. Creature of Habit


If you answered mostly A you’re most likely… The Homebody 

During the cold winter months, you prefer to curl up and get cosy with a good book and hot drink. Your ideal winter night is lighting a candle and relaxing in a warm bath before slipping into comfy pyjamas and getting ready for bed.

If you got ‘The Homebody’, the Night Sweet Carnation & Heliotrope 2 Wick Candle  is perfect for you. Sweet carnation and peppery heliotrope meld into a fragrance that elicits serenity and relaxation. Soothing rose and sandalwood allow your spirit to wander freely. Light it in the evening or any time, and celebrate the warmth and security of your home.



If you answered mostly B’s, you’re most likely… The Creative

The dark, cold weather gets your creative juices flowing. The quiet gloominess gives you a lot to think about, inspiring creative pursuits such as writing and painting. The drizzle of the rain may inspire a scene in your novel, or the misty dark mornings may be inspiration for your new artwork.

For creatives, the PLAY Japanese Lilac & Sandalwood 2 Wick Candle ignites your inner flame in moments you need encouragement and inspiration. The scents of Japanese lilac and orange flower enliven the body, whilst wild honey energises the mind. The velvety sandalwood provides an earthy sanctuary, harvesting your creativity all winter long.



If you answered mostly C’s, you’re most likely… The Winter Warrior

The cold doesn’t scare you. Instead you live for outdoor adventures no matter how daunting the weather may be. You don’t mind going for a run in the freezing cold outdoors. In fact, it just makes going to sleep at the end of the day that much better. After a long day staying active, you still enjoy coming home to a warm and cosy environment.

The Icelyn Resin Diffuser is an understated piece that allows you to diffuse pure essential oils throughout your home, perfect for the ‘Winter Warrior’ who is not too concerned with overly fancy designs, yet still enjoys the therapeutic benefits of essential oil. The perfect match with your diffuser, is the Day Essential Oil Trio. This uplifting, zesty collection of daytime scents will revitalise and rejuvenate, delivering a boost of energy, perfect for ‘The Winter Warrior’.




If you answered mostly D’s, you’re most likely… The Optimist

Winter doesn’t really bother you. It’s just another season. You enjoy winter as you would any other season. You like the aesthetic of winter, but you know you need to take care of yourself during the colder months. You like to feel prepared for what's to come and have a plan of action when it comes to self-care.

The Camellia & White Musk 1 Wick Candle is a one of a kind candle that is as unique as the one who burns it. The unusual design echoes ‘The Optimist’s’ inner light, while the perfumed camellia with notes of creamy white must create a comforting scent that uplifts the soul.


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