The Activities You Can Do Indoors To Add A Sense Of Calm

From meditative colouring, creating the ideal space for a flowy yoga sequence to baking

The Activities You Can Do Indoors To Add A Sense Of Calm

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    AUG 3, 2021

From meditative colouring, creating the ideal space for a flowy yoga sequence to baking

Staying indoors shouldn’t feel like a bore. Instead, it should be celebrated as an opportunity to create a space that fuels a positive mood by adding a sense of calm and a tranquil ambience.

While home can be a place of work, chores and noise, it should ideally be a place to come back to, to feel safe, happy and calm. When life is busy and non-stop, cultivating hobbies, habits and spaces that lull restlessness into calmness is key.

If you’re getting tired of rewatching Netflix series or scrolling on social media, we’ve shared a few other ways to celebrate ‘me time’ and nourish your soul at home.

Use colour to meditate: Colouring is not just for children; Adult colouring books were all the rage a few years ago but there’s no need for the hype to stop. Colouring in beautiful images from books like Millie Marotta’s Animal Kingdom or Emma Farrarons’ The Mindfulness Colouring Book not only satisfies your innate creativity; they also help you focus, stay calm and focus on the present in front of you. 

Take a long bath: What is better than a long, steamy bath at the end of a busy day? Whether you’re a lover of bubbles, lavender infused salts or a beautiful candlelit bath, lying down immersed, while perhaps even reading a book is a timeless way to treat the soul and add a sense of deep relaxation. If you like to light candles at bath time, we recommend Black Sage & Cedar for the ultimate relaxing scent.

Take A Long Bath

Create a haven for a flowy yoga sequence: Take a break from work and cleaning and set up a space for a short flowy yoga session in a quiet part of the home. Lay your yoga mat on the floor and pop on your favourite YouTube yoga class. Even a 10-15 minute stretch or flow is enough to bring peace of mind to a busy day. If you’re not a yoga fan, don’t worry; Harvard Health has found any sort of exercise can help calm you down.  Add to the relaxation by diffusing essential oils in the background and pop on some relaxing instrumental music on Spotify. Movement is a great way to break up the day, add energy and help you to be more mindful.

mihi home yoga sequence

Decorate your space: This isn’t about cleaning. Instead, spending some slow time moving things around to improve your home’s feng shui is an easy way to cultivate a space you love. According to the basic elements of feng shui, the items that represent a key part of your life, whether your bed or a special piece of decor, should be centre-stage in a room.  Remove clutter and focus on adding pieces of decor that add a sense of minimalism to calm your mind. Even better, this kills two birds with one stone: your space will be tidy and renewed and you will likely feel more relaxed.

Pick up a crafty hobby: Regardless of whether you consider yourself ‘crafty’, you’d be surprised at how good a creative outlet can feel. Creating something of your very own makes you feel good but creating it at a time that suits you ensures your hobby aligns with your needs and schedule. In the evening, break out your crochet, knitting or painting supplies and create whatever you feel. Take your time and relax when doing so - you might even find your new favourite hobby.

mihi home craft hobby


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