Music playlists for your home

Mihi Home shares its favourite playlists to match your mood. 

Music playlists for your home

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    APR 1, 2022

A good tune, like a divine scent, has the ability to transform a house into a home, setting the ambience for your day. There is a curated playlist to suit every mood and occasion, so we believe there is no reason not to mark every memory with a personalised melody ringing out. 


Romanticise your life by setting the vibe with our top playlists, whatever the mood may be. 

For hosting a night - Larry by Lucy Neville

Grab your friends, a Pinot and some Meredith’s Goats Cheese and vibe all night to the tune of the it-girl’s go-to playlist, Larry by Lucy Neville. This playlist is populated with chilled feminine pop beats, ideal for kicking off your shoes and letting your hair down. Sing your heart out to Sigrid, show off your new moves with Never Had The Balls or wind down to the mellow tune of The Backseat Lovers. 

Pair with: Emerson Black Marble Oil Burner

Artists include: Maggie Rogers, Rex Orange County, Sigrid, Harry Styles.


For an afternoon of R&R - Bubble Bath by David Welch

When the world becomes too much for one day, brew your favourite tea with a dash of honey, reach for your favourite bath soak and flick on this playlist. Bubble Bath by David Welch can revive the soul from the inside out as you let Lana and Abel’s croons calm a racing mind. This is the perfect selection of soft beats to help your worries fade away.

Pair with: Earth Bergamot & Vetiver 1 Wick Candle

Artists include: Frank Ocean, The 1975, Solange, H.E.R.


For the busy days - Focus by Syd

When you have endless  tasks vying for the all-too-competitive space in the front of your mind, switch on DND and hit shuffle on the Focus by Syd playlist for the ultimate concentration zone. The hours will fly by when accompanied by the hypnotic low-fi beats of Oatmellow and Phlowsum. 

Pair with: Work Essential Oil Trio & Arya Bluetooth Clay Diffuser 

Artists include: Kupla, Jhove, eevee, Made in M.


For the romantic - Dancing in the fridge light by Kristy Scott

Create a romantic ambiance at home with Kristy Scott’s, Dancing in the fridge light. You’ll find magic in the air while enjoying a bowl of spaghetti arrabiata in the candle light. Fall in love to the sweet, soft love tunes of the lovers’ playlist.

Pair with: Fire Black Sage & Cedar 1 Wick Candle

Artists include: Zayn, Vance Joy, Kris Allen


Don’t just take our word for it! We have also made our own perfect candle burning, oil diffusing, incense lighting, mellow beats playlist to help you decompress on a chilled Sunday evening. Discover mihi home radio here…


Curate your life with beautiful tunes and divine scents, as unique as the one who burns it. Celebrate the beautiful, little things with mihi home.

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