Cocktail recipes based on our favourite essential oils

From a lemony spritz to a rose fizz, these cocktail recipes are inspired by Mihi Home fragrances

Cocktail recipes based on our favourite essential oils

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    SEP 23, 2021

Nothing excites the senses as much as fragrance and a cocktail. A cocktail’s versatility and use of florals, fruits, herbs and beyond, means there’s something for everyone in this much-loved class of beverage. 

For the many people who love a small, after-work tipple, a bright and refreshing ‘day drink’ at brunch time, a soothing non-alcoholic night-cap or a drink to accompany a playful social gathering, we’ve put together our four favourite online cocktail recipes based on our Mihi Home essential oils, so that your drink and home fragrance can now perfectly match your every mood.


Image: via New York Times Cooking

Have you had a bad day at work or are you simply drained from a hectic schedule? Like the Replenish oil, which breathes new life into your work day with a bounty of citrus notes, this ‘Bad Day At Work’ cocktail from the New York Times takes the stress out of your day with a simple recipe and premium flavour.

While alcohol is not the answer to any bad day, a cocktail at the end of a busy day may be your favourite ‘guilty pleasure’. If that’s the case, let this be your way to take care of yourself: turn your Mihi Home diffuser on with zingy, invigorating Replenish and marry it with a sunshine-laden cocktail. No need to feel guilty; this time is for you.


Image: via Delicious

The day is a time for revitalisation and rejuvenation, a time to awaken your senses with positivity and uplifting scents. As we roll into the warm Spring and Summer months, the day conjures images of green parks, florals and blue skies.

Celebrate the incoming sunshine with a cocktail that celebrates the warm weather herbs and Spring-time citrus like our ‘Good Morning’ essential oil.  

Greet the day at brunch, lunch or at golden hour with this light Basil and Lemon Spritz from Chef Matt Moran. Light and crisp, it will have you savouring those quintessentially positive Spring/Summer vibes all season.


When all you want to do is relax or sleep, spirits aren’t usually a go-to. If you’re not into the relaxed warming vibe of a glass of red or you avoid alcohol before bed, this virgin Lavender Lemonade from Simply Recipes adds the soothing purple flower to cool you down on a warm evening. It matches perfectly with our Sunset essential oil, which celebrates cool citrus and delicate lavender to invite you to a soothing, peaceful evening slumber. Who knew night time could be so refreshing, yet calming?


Image: via The Flavor Bender

If you’re the sort of person who loves to host loved ones for a dinner party or evening soiree, or you simply are full of playful energy and imagination, chances are your cocktail making skills come out at play-time. With floral scents of geranium, bergamot and rose, our Inspire essential oil adds a hint of romance, high-spirits and nostalgia to any meal with friends, date night or a by-yourself living room dance party.

For the cocktail to match your playful indoor escapades, this Blushing Ginger Rose Fizz from the Flavor Bender takes Turkish Delight-esque rose syrup and couples it with tangy lemon and ginger. Is it really playtime without a pretty, pink cocktail in hand?

Mihi Home Essential Oil Trios are available in Work, Day, Night and Play scents, allowing you to align your home ambience to your mood and feelings, inspiring greater self care. Mihi Home Essential Oil Trios are available on our website for AU$59.99. For more inspiration on home decor and fragrance, follow us on Instagram via @mihi.home

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