Autumn Winter decor trends we’re excited for...

Mihi Home share their insights into the upcoming home trends for the cooler months... 

Autumn Winter decor trends we’re excited for...

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    FEB 25, 2022

Every year, we eagerly await upcoming seasonal home trends as a way to breathe new life into our living spaces. They provide an endless source of inspiration and a way in which we can reinvigorate our homes with new textures, colours and styles.

As for what we can look forward to, we expect to see traditional chilly season colours turned on their head with cosier earthy tones, as well as additions of natural materials that bring a sense of zen to our homes.

Warm_Earthy_ColoursWarm earthy colours: If Winter was to have its own colour, the first that comes to mind is often dark colours. While dark blues, reds and purples are beautiful, they evoke stormy and moody emotions. Sometimes all we need when it’s chilly are colours that make us feel the warmth beaming down on our backs akin to the Teletubbies smiling sun.

With warm earthy tones set to dominate this Autumn/Winter, we’re excited to see interiors aglow with colours that harmonise with the cold making everything feel warmer. Add in tones of ochre, rust, turmeric, caramel and beige, and balance this with bursts of traditionally darker olive and chocolate brown earth tones.



Soft, mixed textures: Picture this: it’s cold outside and the leaves are rustling. Come evening time, all you want to do is melt into a chaise while you sip hot tea, rewatch Selling Sunset and raise the cosy vibes with the warming aroma of Mihi Home Incense in Composition III Spice. That cosy Autumn/Winter fantasy is unlikely to have you thinking stiff fabrics like denim, canvas or sweaty synthetics. 

This upcoming season, say hello to soft sumptuous fabrics and varied textures in your home accessories and decor, from cushions to your bed throws. A combination of buttery soft linen, wool and silk will prove soft and cosy on the skin, yet remain breathable as you veg out under the warmth of a blanket.



Natural or ‘biophilic’ design: Biophilic design - a design style which is all about connecting people with nature - has been growing in momentum and it does not look like it will slow down any time soon. The natural aesthetic of luxurious marble will continue to make itself known. We’ll also see a surge in popularity for bare, unpolished timbers and stunning warm travertine. Although it can make a splash in larger items like coffee tables, glimpses of this elegant material can be added in plates - the perfect coffee, dining or work desk accessory. The Frey Travertine Plate provides soothing elements of biophilic design, while a pop of colour can be added back in with the soft brown glass of the Cypress, Melon and Moss 1 Wick Candle - the ultimate balance of texture and colour.



Elegant metal accents: Silver was long the go-to metal accent for everything from taps and sinks, to home decor accessories. In the last few years, glistening golds, brass and bronze tones have become the on-trend metal for the home - and for good reason! These tones add warmth and glamour, yet perfectly tie in to a number of styles from traditional, contemporary, to bohemian. 

This season, elegant brushed gold accessories will prove the perfect tabletop statement. Keep your eyes peeled for what elegant metallic decor might be coming your way *wink*.


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