A good night sleep with Bec Harding

“It’s about those sensory experiences that trick your body into winding down” 

A good night sleep with Bec Harding

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    DEC 14, 2021

Scents, lights and taste are the ingredients Bec uses to bring calm into her evenings. We sat down with her as she shared her evening ritual, including how she creates the right environment for her mind and body and how fragrance can transport her to a place of calm and bring a sense of nostalgia. 

Take us through your sleep routine - How do you prepare for bed? 

Well, my first priority is always making sure everything is put away in the house. I can’t relax knowing there are dirty dishes in the sink or that my kitchen benches haven't been wiped down. Before I start to switch off, I also need to feed my fish and put Henri to bed. 

*[Our tip! For adorable puppy content make sure you’re following Bec on Instagram] After Henri is tucked in, I will cleanse off any spf, make-up or general grime from the day with a cleansing balm. This is my favourite moment for me to give myself a facial massage.

People don’t often think about the impact of lighting and the role it plays, but this is really important to me, so I switch off the main lights in the bedroom and turn on the bedside table lamps to keep the light in the room quite dim. I give the bedsheets a spritz of a calming lavender spritz, moisturise my hands with a nourishing hand cream and pop some lip balm on – these little rituals are great for telling my mind that it’s time to wind down. Just before I switch the light off, I’ll have a sip of water to make sure that I stay hydrated and give Andy a kiss.

Do you take any steps to practice better mindfulness for a good night’s sleep? 

During the pandemic, there were moments where my partner was travelling for work or stuck in another state so I wasn’t sleeping as well as I usually do. I downloaded the Calm app which encouraged me to try some breathing exercises that helped put me to sleep. 

You mentioned that scent is important to you when winding down, what’s your favourite type of fragrance? 

At night, I love calming scents, like lavender and chamomile. However, I love herbaceous scents, like geranium, for the day. I think scents that are fresh and uplighting just put you in a better mood.

Why do you believe sleep is important and how does a good night sleep impact you the next day? 

I’m not really a morning person. If I don’t have a good night's sleep, I know it will impact my day. I’ll be slow-moving until I switch on my diffuser. It’s as if when I turn on that diffuser, I mentally turn on my day. 

Reading is a popular ritual before bed, is there a book you can recommend? 

A few months ago I read a fantastic book called Beauty by a young Australian Author, Bri Lee. It’s a powerful story sharing how the author [Bri] feels about her body during different stages of her life. It’s in an essay style format, which makes it even more raw. 

Do you have a favourite podcast?

There’s a great podcast called Hamish & Andy. But when I’m not listening to them it’s a great crime podcast. Otherwise, it’s music for me! As I’ve mentioned, sensory things are so important to me, so music has a big impact on my mood. 

We know you love to cook. What’s the dish and perfect playlist we’d find you listening to in the kitchen? 

Nancy Meyer’s Movie Goodness on Spotify. She is one of my favourite filmmakers - she is known for so many great films like ‘Something’s Gotta Give’ & ‘The Parent Trap’. So any music from her films gets me in the mood. 

What am I cooking? Beef Bourguignon. I love this dish because it’s wholesome and comforting and a real crowd-pleaser. 

Before we wrap up, what’s your tip on how to boost positivity? 

My advice is to step away from what you’re doing for a moment. I have the tendency to be a bit of an anxious person, so I have taught myself to walk away from situations that are beginning to overwhelm me. This means taking Henri for a walk around the block or just stepping away from my laptop. My partner [Andy] has really helped me with this, he’s so good at it. It has taught me to breathe and become more present.

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