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Transform and transcend your daily rituals. At mihi home, we aspire to use fragrance and contemporary design to awaken your senses, inspire creativity and promote self care. mihi. For me. We are, for you.

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Each piece created by mihi home is carefully crafted or curated to bring a sense of wellness, lightness and calm. We aim to invoke the senses and invite escapism. We design for you.

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Discover the latest home and wellness trends to incorporate into your daily rituals.

How to find your own aesthetic and create it at home

by Samantha Wills

Which Winter Personality Are You?

Winter is a time to reflect, to hold onto energy and restore our bodies as we move less and rug up. While it may be cold out, there is much to celebrate - it’s all about being attuned to your winter vibe and matching your routine to you.

Take this quiz to learn more about your winter personality.


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Mihi Home share their insights into the upcoming home trends for the cooler months... 

The questions to ask when styling your home

Mihi Home Founder Julia Utz provides her top three questions to ask yourself when styling your home

A good night sleep with Bec Harding

“It’s about those sensory experiences that trick your body into winding down”